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be realized, but the bu
21.05.2020, 10:25,
be realized, but the bu
However, the philosopher Zeng Yun said: "There is no banquet in the world." Beautiful time is always short-lived, and brilliant memories are too late to taste one by one. We are about to reach another milestone in our lives. Even if we are in a strange place, our hearts will never end Related. The beginning symbolizes an end, but is it another end? Our memories will accompany me to write another chapter. Feeling 800 words of youth composition Everyone has a pair of "invisible wings", sometimes noble, sometimes humble, we all rely on it to come to the present, it carries all of us. There are dreams and pursuits, failures and successes, hopes and despairs, and hard work, and dreams are based on reality and higher than reality, it needs a pillar, a pair of "invisible wings" carry what is needed to see what you need, and work hard What, and I am working on my dream, my wings are dreams. My wings flew all the way from a bare shirt that had nothing. When it was covered with feathers, how much of its flesh was honed, but it was still flying, the higher the flight, the better, because then it was You can prove yourself that its dream can be realized, but the bumps along the way mokingusacigarettes.com, it has to bear, it has to bear the feathers to fall off again, grow up again, the skin and the inner scars are the testimony of success, only It will understand by itself that it only keeps being strong and constantly telling itself: "You can't look back, you can't stop, you will fall once you stop, many people bear hope in you, and once you stop, regret only you Self. Yes! This pair of wings carrying dreams should be very tired! But the road is to go by yourself Wholesale Cigarettes, even if you know the result will be bad Marlboro Red, even if you have no strength in the air, you are only strong, I am very happy, I With these "invisible wings" that carry dreams, since God is so good to me, why give me such a pair of wings, why would it be wasted to hold it? Why not fly so hard for myself? As the saying goes: "a higher station, see farther. "Sometimes it is found that the dream is very close to us, but it is out of reach. Just like the sun, we are only one day away from us, but we ca n��t touch it. The only difference is that the day when the dream is completed, the sun does It can never be felt. So it is said that its reality is higher than reality. It is not a passive water, a tree without roots, it has its real soil.
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