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Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore 26470BA.OO.1000BA.01 Replica Watch
17.02.2020, 08:24,
Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore 26470BA.OO.1000BA.01 Replica Watch
[Изображение: Audemars%20Piguet%20Royal%20Oak%20Offsho...0ST.01.jpg]
History of Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

In April 1972, Basel: At the annual Swiss Watch Fair (later renamed Basel Watch Fair), Audemars Piguet introduced a luxury steel watch with a bold and innovative design on its strap. After the initial market out of control, Royal Oak Watch has achieved great international success and is one of the most iconic watches ever.Audemars Piguet ROYAL OAK OFFSHORE 26470OR.OO.A099CR.01
But let's take a step back.

In the early 1970s, Audemars Piguet, like many other Swiss watchmakers, also faced financial difficulties. Japanese quartz watches have brought a serious crisis to the Swiss watch industry-this period is often referred to as the "quartz crisis"-the Swiss watch industry has no clear idea of how to prevent a sharp decline in sales.

In 1971, Audemars Piguet realized that without disruptive change, financial collapse was inevitable. The manufacturer's management detailed the feedback they had received from the Italian market on possible interest in steel luxury watches and decided it was time to launch a new, sporty and elegant timepiece that was unprecedented.

The designer chosen for this task was a designer born in Geneva in 1931. His father was Italian and his mother was Swiss Gerald Genta. Not a new designer, but one of the most famous watch designers at the time, who created successful watches for Universal Genève (Polerouter Microtors, White Shadow, Golden Shadow), Omega (Constellation) and Patek Philippe (Golden Ellipse). Jacob & Co Astronomia Automatic AT130.40.AC.SD.A

On the eve of the Basel Expo 1971 (one year before the launch), then Audemars Piguet Managing Director Georges Golay called Gerald Genta at 4 pm, explaining that the Italian market was looking forward to "an unprecedented stainless steel watch" He needed to design the next morning, this is a sports watch, suitable for all occasions, with the most exquisite finish.

The morning after Gerald Genta invented the watch that would become the Royal Oak. He will later say that Royal Oak is a masterpiece of his career.

Inspired by the traditional diver's helmet, this revolutionary steel watch features an octagonal bezel, secured by eight visible hexagonal gold screws, visible waterproof washers, and a dial decorated with a unique blue pictographic pattern . HUBLOT MP-05 LAFERRARI GOLD 905.VX.0001.RX replica

The watch was slim, only 7 mm, but at that time (case) was 39 mm in diameter, which was quite large. To complete a watch, an integrated stainless steel bracelet is required and it is very complicated.

Oddly, the original prototype was made of platinum because it was difficult to process high-grade steel meeting Genta specifications at the time, and it was expensive and could not justify the original prototype.

The selected movement is a beautifully finished automatic movement 2121, which is still used today in the Royal Oak Jumbo Ref. 15202. The 2121 movement is based on the Audemars Piguet 2120 movement and integrates date complications.

As confirmed by Genta, given that the design theme was inspired by the diver's brass helmet, the name itself must be related to sailing. Audemars Piguet chose Royal Oak, named after the Royal Navy's eight-ship series (remember, the bezel is octagonal), and its name is taken from the ancient hollow oak, England King Charles II hid in it after the Battle of Worcester in 1651, escaping the Rutarian-Parliamentary supporters during the British Civil War. Richard Mille RM 038 Bubba Watson replica

In 1972, at the Basel Expo, Royal Oak was finally ready for release. This never-before-sold stainless steel timepiece is more expensive than a gold Patek Philippe dress watch, and it is more than ten times the Rolex Submariner. The message must be bold: Haute Horlogeries can come up with prestigious timepieces without having to rely on precious metals. From now on, it is the key that determines the design, execution accuracy and movement quality.

But the line did not take off immediately. Royal Oak was the target of initial fierce criticism. Destructive design, visible washers and screws, one-piece bracelet, high price: Many critics say Audemars Piguet will go bankrupt in a few months.

However, the charm and quality of Royal Oak cannot be denied for a long time. Collectors and trend-setters started to adopt this replica watches for sale, which has a very different design and has won the attention of savvy and informed audiences, made by Audemars Piguet and Le Brassus Symbol of great success.

Audemars Piguet produced the first works, which collectors call the A-Series reference number 5402. It took more than a year for Audemars Piguet to sell the first batch of 1,000 Royal Oaks, but then sales began to rise. After the first A series, Audemars Piguet still uses the A serial number for the other 1,000 pieces and passes it to the B and C serial numbers.

The original Royal Oak A series is still what collectors want most, and it's easy to identify when the AP initials are placed above 6 o'clock instead of 12 o'clock like in the continuous series.
In the following years, Audemars Piguet introduced many variants of the original Royal Oak, featuring precious metal, leather and rubber straps, as well as new technical solutions and complications.
The first Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar 2120/2800 movement was designed in 1981 and is the thinnest model of its kind in the world. It has a mechanical storage function that takes into account all calendar changes, including months and leap years, and requires no manual intervention until 2100. replica luxury watches