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I always thought
13.07.2019, 10:18,
I always thought
I always thought that the man who would cook would be a good man, so I stubbornly learned to cook. After more than ten years of shovel, the cooking is still not flattering, smog, youth fades, memories between the lips and teeth. In that, only the back of the pot gave me a little confidence. Some people say that there is a taste to have love. The Sichuan men in the impression all have the skill of returning the pot of meat Parliament Cigarettes. On the hall, between the squats, the shovel of a shovel, the taste of the pork is everywhere, in Sichuan dialect. In terms of it, it is very suitable. The so-called simmering meat, the Internet has a lot of different opinions, the version is actually simple, that is, a piece of cooked fat meat is cut into pieces, and then cooked into the pot. It is strange to say that after the busyness of the pots and pans, the original fat and fat meat was turned into a magical moment in an instant, not only the fragrance was overflowing, but also the taste was fat but not greasy, and it was alive. Whether it is the deep house compound or the farmhouse in Maoshe, in Sichuan, the pork is a dish that anyone can eat and anyone can afford. Turning over the words related to the pork, I prefer the phrase that Wu Changyou said in the Tunxi Pen Talk. "Life is a plate of pork, love is a plate of pork." For such a metaphor of "life", I am both ignorant and fresh. Think about it, if life is a stagnant water, we only need to learn to return to the pot, then it should be a scene of a living dragon. A seemingly simple sentence, but like a spring breeze wrinkled a pool of spring water, remember that Jasper once said in the diary, first saw Mr. Liu, he was moved by the bowl of pork. To tell you the truth, I don't know much about the girl's feelings. The face of the peach blossoms is good, and the apricots are shy. An old man only captures the girl's heart by relying on a pot of pork Marlboro Red, or let me quietly envy for more than 20 years. Yan Yan is envied, but I would like to know what kind of taste of Mr. Liu��s pot of pork is a garlic seedling or a green pepper Newport 100S. It has always been a mystery. Teacher Liu did not say that Jasper did not say it. In the Yucheng countryside, the blind date is generally completed on the Yucheng Bridge. Listening to the river and seeing the yellow horns, a pair of strange men and women are at the two ends of the bridge and begin the initial acquaintance Marlboro Gold. If they are interested in each other, the woman will accept the invitation of the man and drink tea in the tea house of the old woman in Qiaotou. Drinking tea is not the meaning of drunkenness. It is the real test for the heroine at noon to make the pork for the future mother. In the old people's laughter, I don't know how many handsome men have hated the love field because of a meal. Wu Changyou once said that youth is unbearable for Baidu. Looking back at the 20-year love run of Teacher Liu and Jasper Marlboro Lights, because of Mr. Zhou��s pot of pork, this story is warm and beautiful. Many of the Yucheng Bridges are not long, but they don��t have a taste. Yucheng Bridge is shallow, but the reflection is just a youthful age. I saw too many loved TV bridges and sighed the reality of the unprovoked breakup. I have already hated the soap operas of Lang Cai. There are so many people divorcing every day. Every day, the vows are ridiculously ridiculous. Is love just a fairy tale? Until I witnessed the love between Jasper and Teacher Liu, I believed that I had caught the woman��s stomach and caught the woman��s heart. As time goes by, everyone will have their own dish of pork. I remember that Teacher Liu once said that love is to keep going back to the pot. If I have some understanding, if there is no original pot of pork, will Jasper wait for Teacher Liu for 20 years? This is a hypothesis that should not be there. Maybe even Jasper can't answer it! The winter is getting colder. I seem to have smelled the taste of the pork. It may be inspired by the love between Mr. Liu and Jasper. My cooking is actually like a snail.
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