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Tytus Howard Jersey 2019
11.07.2019, 09:44,
Tytus Howard Jersey 2019
For the last Texans game of the season Black Tytus Howard Jersey , the BRB gang get together and react in real time to Saturday’s entirely-too-early playoff tilt."WhiteFanposts Fanshots Texans StoriesScheduleRosterStatsYahoo Texans NewsYahoo Texans Team PageYahoo Texans ReportYahoo Texans Depth ChartYahoo Texans TransactionsYahoo Texans PhotosOdds About Masthead Community Guidelines StubHub 鉁旽air Of The DogWeek 18 2018: Indianapolis Colts v. Houston Texans - The Rubber Match That'll End A SeasonHair of the Dog Playoff Edition:Colts/Texans; or, That’s All Dogs!New,14commentsFor the last Texans game of the season, the BRB gang get together and react in real time to Saturday’s entirely-too-early playoff tilt.CSTShareTweetShareShareHair of the Dog Playoff Edition:Colts/Texans; or, That’s All Dogs!Welp, that’s it y’all.That’s how the Houston Texans’ season ended.Not with a bang or even a valiant comeback attempt that comes up short, but with a flatline almost from start to finish.What we saw on Saturday is not becoming of a team that won 11 games.What we saw Saturday was White Tytus Howard Jersey , on a whole, little better than the wild card game against the Chiefs back in 2016.If it weren’t for a late touchdown to Keke Coutee that could’ve easily been ruled a touchback by referees with fewer active brain cells, it would’ve been the same as the Chiefs game, points-wise.Maybe next year with a full offense and a draft class of nothing but offensive linemen and cornerbacks, we’ll finally get to see the full potential of this team.Oh, right, Bill O’Brien.Forgot.Never mind that last bit.Let’s get to the dog because I have to clean out my locker room with a garbage bag just like anybody else who writes for this outfit.As always Youth Tytus Howard Jersey , in finest Hair of the Dog tradition, all swear words have been replaced with the word [kitten] to make this safe to read at work.I cannot make the same assertion about watching the wild card game at work.You might get sent home for the day or something.I don’t know, I wouldn’t risk it personally.Pregame ThoughtsBFDCapt RonUTWeston (to UT)BrettLukeUT[Ed. Note:By halftime, I will come to greatly regret this.]LukeFirst QuarterUTBrettUT(Colts strike first, lead 7-0.)JeremyCapt RonBrettCapt RonUTCapt RonUT (to Capt Ron)Capt Ron (to UT)UTBFDCapt RonUT(Colts score again, lead 14-0.)UTBFDUTJeremyCapt RonMDCBFDUT (to BFD)BrettBFDLuke(Texans get their first first down of the game, immediately challenged by the Colts.)BFDJeremyBrettUTCapt RonUT(Deshaun Watson intercepted by the Colts.)BFDUTCapt RonLukeSecond QuarterBFD (to Luke)MikeCapt RonUTBFD(Watt deflects a pass and Dunn intercepts it.Texans ball.)BFDLukeBrettMikeUTCapt RonUTLukeBFDCapt Ron(Texans forced to punt.)UTBFDBrettCapt RonBFD (to Brett)Mike (to BFD)UTBFDUT(Colts score again Tytus Howard Jersey 2019 , lead 21-0.)UTLuke (to BFD)BFDUT (to BFD)Capt RonMikeUTBFDUTCapt Ron(Texans go for it on fourth and one...)Luke(...and fail to convert.Turnover on downs.)BFDCapt RonMikeBFDUT(Kareem Jackson called for DPI, probably saving a touchdown in the process.)BFDLukeCapt RonWestonUTHalftime ReactionsLukeUTMikeWestonBFDBrettWestonUT (to Weston)Capt RonWeston (to UT)UTThird QuarterWestonLuke (to Weston)MDCBFDWeston (to BFD)UTBFDWestonBFD(Texans flagged after getting a first down, nullifies play.)UTWestonBFDUT (to BFD)WestonUTFourth QuarterUTWeston (to UT)JeremyUT (to Jeremy)BFDUTCapt Ron(Watson connects with Keke Coutee for what may or may not be a touchdown.)UTWestonCapt Ron(Call stands.Texans score, Colts lead 21-7.)UTWestonJeremyUTWestonUTWestonCapt RonUTCapt Ron[Ed. Note:The driver for Archduke Francis Ferdinand of Austria in 1914.](Texans lose 21-7 in a game that wasn’t even that close.)Postgame ReactionsUTWestonCapt RonLukeGame BallsNope.Just nope.Not for this game.Go.Comment.Say things.Monday Night Football Live: Chiefs vs. Broncos Kansas City has been lucky in the past few weeks.They have experienced the exact same euphoria and wellspring of hope that enveloped us Texans fans for about three weeks last season when Deshaun Watson took a flamethrower to every defense that was placed in front of him. Patrick Mahomes has had a similar impact in his first few games at the helm of Andy Reid’s offense in KC. Blessed with a plethora of talented offensive weapons around him, such as Sammy Watkins, Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce and Kareem Hunt Tytus Howard Houston Texans Jersey , Mahomes has spent the first three weeks of the season lightning NFL defenses on fire.This week, he turns his sights towards the Denver Broncos, who are helmed by arm punt sensation Case Keenum. The only things I want out of this evening are the Chiefs scoring 50 points and John Elway to be asked about Paxton Lynch the same way Jon Gruden gets asked by Khalil Mack. This is your open thread to enjoy the evening’s festivities.