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Quarterbacks have it easy these days.
15.03.2019, 08:41,
Quarterbacks have it easy these days.
 Defenders have it hard. The rules have swung in favor of the offense.If you don’t believe it Cheap Solomon Thomas Jersey , try this: Five quarterbacks — Jared Goff (465 yards), Andrew Luck (464), Derek Carr (437), Kirk Cousins (422) and Matt Ryan (419) — passed for at least 400 yards this week. (With Patrick Mahomes still to go.) That is the most in any week ever.The NFL has seen 12 such performances in four weeks this season after only eight all of last season.So with the rules so far in favor of the offenses 49ers Jaquiski Tartt Jersey , 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman posed a question on Twitter:“My question is why won they just put flags on the QBs?” Sherman wrote. “They would rarely hit the ground then. Guys would be able to grab the flags, and that would be a sack. Guys are losing thousands of dollars just doing their job. Something has to change.”My question is: Who would want to play defense any more? It’s an impossible job. As the 2019 offseason begins we can’t see a specific time we’ll want to stop talking about George Kittle. In fact, the legend of George Kittle will probably go into the 2020 offseason. The biggest question on all of this? What the hell were other teams thinking passing on him? Tight end scouts might need fired after this one. Sure, he could have developed in a year or two 49ers Mike Person Jersey , but the guy shattered records in his second season. A brand new YouTube channel popped into my feed on Monday with a video on George Kittle. Having seen the same thing on 49ers Reddit earlier, I figured it’s worth a look. What transpires is an excellent eleven-minute watch on the rise of George Kittle in 2019. It’s got plays, it’s got stats, it’s got press conferences. It’s even got some Jimmy Garoppolo in there—talking about the trade mostly. And it’s also very well made. Judging by their subscriber numbers and presence on social media (their Twitter has one follower as of this writing) they are fairly new. If they can keep chugging out movies like this http://www.49erscheapshops.com/cheap-aut...urg-jersey , they’ll get some fans—me being one of them. I only hope their next video is on the 49ers. Or something on video games, cuz we know how much I like that stuff. As we all know, the DMCA biscuits are in full force so you may not be able to view the video here. Go here to watch the video on YouTube.