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Customized germ dewatering screw
23.10.2018, 07:38,
Customized germ dewatering screw
Product Instruction
DJG screw press has conical shell, with variable pitch conical screw and blades inside, which can generate compression ratio. During the rotation the material is dewatered by the screw. After dewatering, water will be put out by the screen mesh with certain dimensions.
Product Advantages
1 High compression ratio, good dewatering efficiency, low product moisture
2 Compact construction, taking small area
The machine is widely used in chemical, food industries, especially for starch and alcohol, to dewater the corn germ, vinasse, which contains big content of moisture, and decrease the power consumption for drying process.
Technological Process
specifications and models
germfeeding capacity before dewatering(t/h)6.2~7.810.36~1313.75~17.2   
Material moisture(%)85~88
Discharge after dewatering(t/h)2~2.23.4~4.74.5~4.9
Product moisture(%)54~58
Note: “350、500、650” indicates the diameter of the thick end of the screw blade.
Project Cases
Customized germ dewatering screw