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tempered glass iphone 7
20.09.2018, 04:37,
tempered glass iphone 7
Our story
Pinta Technology Development CO., LTD is a professional supplier specializing in screen protectors for mobiles and tablets in China. It is named after one of Christopher Columbus’s ships during his voyage to “the New World”—Pinta. It represents the spirit of exploration, creation and persistence, for us to strive for perfection of screen protectors.
Our factory
Our factory is located in Dongguan, where is reputed as “the world’s factory”. As a global and professional supplier for screen protector, we have full sets of international advanced production equipment such as intelligent cutting machine, CNC engraving machine, polishing machine, hot-bending machine, ultrasonic washing machine, tempering furnace, laminating machine, spraying machine, labeling machine, etc.
Our quality control
The quality is strictly controlled in every step during the production. And to guarantee top quality, we also bring in transparency test machine, ball drop test machine, friction test machine and water angle test machine.
Our products
We have a broad range of screen protectors to meet the needs of different customers. Main products are listed as follows:
·0.33 2.5D tempered glass screen protector
·3D curved full cover glass screen protector
·Privacy tempered glass screen protector
·Anti-blue light tempered glass screen protector
·PET curved full cover screen protector
Our markets
Pinta screen protectors are all over the world. Main markets are Southern Europe, Central Europe, Western Europe, Northern America and Southern America.
Our praise
We think that all success of our company comes originally from our high-quality products and reliable service. Welcome to join us.tempered glass iphone 7