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Customized cnc machining machined parts
20.09.2018, 04:35,
Customized cnc machining machined parts
Contract CNC MachiningStamping & Laser cutting
CNC Milling & Lathe TurningAluminum Die Casting
Shaft & Gear CuttingWelding & Assembly
YIQE Automation, founded in 2005 as a machine shop providing high precision CNC machining parts services for local industries. During the past years we have centralized our focus on becoming a premier custom metal machining workshop and reliable mechanical partner by providing each customer the lowest actual cost and highest quality possible.

Machining Capability
As an expert in precision CNC machining field,our machining service includes extra large CNC machining,CNC milling, precision lathe turning, high quality rapid prototype machining, as well as high volume metal parts CNC machining. Custom components are fabricated employing precision milling and turning processes with a wide range of materials including aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, brass and other soft material, such as nylon, derlin etc.
Industries Served
Here, in YIQE Automation, our precision CNC machining serve a variety of industries, including Robotics, industrial automation, Medical, packaging and Energy. Since foundation we have been manufacturing custom parts from rapid prototype to mass production while providing the best possible service, quality products, competitive pricing, quick responses that our customers require. The flexibility of our CNC equipment enables us to provide rapid turnarounds for each customer with emergency rush orders. Our skilled engineers can work with new customers through every phase of manufacture, from concept, design, and prototype to final mass production.

Value-added Services
We view each new order as an investment and will schedule the resources to assure the part to be produced as per specification. Value-added service is also available here, such as Painting, Powder coating,Plating, Welding, Grinding, Assembly, Heat treatment .

Our goal is to set up long and reliable term relationships with our customers by committing to offer customized precision CNC milling and turning services to meet with the individual needs of every client.Customized cnc machining machined parts