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Scanner Free Sample
23.08.2018, 05:55,
Scanner Free Sample
Product Description
The entire scanning process is based on the principle of optical triangulation. First, the projection module projects a series of coded gratings onto the surface of the object. The corresponding modulated image is obtained by the acquisition module, and then the coordinate position. Using non-contact measurement will not cause damage to the surface of the measured material, the complex surface can be sub-regional measurement, measurement speed, point cloud density.
The data generated after the scan is in the ASC and STL formats, and can be read by all reverse engineering software (such as Rapidform, Imageware, Geomagic, PolyWorks, etc.); users can save data according to actual needs. At the same time measurement data can be directly put into the CATIA, UG and Proe and other professional industrial design software, the next step surface or entity reconstruction.
Automobile, motorcycle, large mold making, Household, Shoe sole, shoe tree wood engraving, Jade, hardware, electronics and machines parts. headphone membrane and etc.
Technical Parameter
Scanning wayNon-contact surface scanning
The splicing wayby automatic/manual
File formatASC, STL, PLY, RGE, P3, PF
Single measuring area200mm×150mm
Single frame Speed<5s
Scan dot pitch0.078-0.156mm
Our service
1. Service before sales: our salesman will try to know your requirement about our used scanners for sale specificaiton and what kind of work you will do. then we will offer our best solution for your requirement. then it can confirm each customer can get their real needed machine.
2. Service during production: we will send photos of machines during making. so customers can know more details about the procession of making their machines. and give them suggestions.
3. Service before shipping: we will take photo and confirm with customers the specification of their orders to avoid the mistake of wrong making machines.
4. Service after shipping: we will check when the   used scanners for sale  arrive your sea port and approximate date of arrival. so customers can know when it will arrive and make enough preparation.
5. Service after arrival: we will confirm with customers if machine is in good condition. and see if any spare parts missing
6. Service of teaching: there are some manual and video about how to use machine, if some customers have question about it. we will have professional technist to help them to install and teach how to use through skype, calling, vedio or mail.Scanner Free Sample