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bulk Stretch Vinyl Gloves
11.07.2018, 05:18,
bulk Stretch Vinyl Gloves
Product name: blue powder free stretch vinyl gloves
With the availability of non-powdered medical gloves that were easy to don, calls for the elimination of powdered gloves became louder. By 2016, healthcare systems in Germany and the United Kingdom had eliminated their use. In March 2016, the FDA issued a proposal to ban their medical use as well.
Powder-free medical gloves are used in medical cleanroom environments, where the need for cleanliness is often similar to that in a sensitive medical environment.
● Non-phthalate vinyl gloves
● Non-sterile
● Not made with Natural Rubber Latex
● Smooth finish
● Comfortable and lightweight
● Fits either hand & Single use only
● Not made with Natural Rubber Latex

Storage Recommendations: Store at room temperature. Avoid excessive heat. Keep dry. Product should be shielded from direct sunlight.
Disposal: Discard used gloves in trash bin. If gloves have body fluid contamination, dispose in container for medical waste or double-bag in a leak proof plastic bag. Always wash hands thoroughly after glove removal.
Single Use Only

Multi-purpose protection for Healthcare, First Aid, Food handling, Painting, Household, and Babycare, etc.

Size: Small, Medium, Large, XLarge.

According to customers’ requirements.
Standard package: 100 pieces/box, 10 boxes/carton.bulk Stretch Vinyl Gloves