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Commercial Aroma Diffuser suppliers
25.06.2018, 08:35,
Commercial Aroma Diffuser suppliers
DSQ2010C, one wall-mounted aroma diffuser, is equipped with high-quality silent structure design to help spread the aroma well. Split type atomization part design provides convenience for customers to refill the essential oils and maintain the machine. And it adopts anti-theft design with key and lock to make sure the safety of operation.
ModelDSQ2010C aroma diffuser
Gross weight1.15kg
Bottle200ml bottle
ColorWhite and black
Noise Level<40dba
Oil Consumption1ml/1h
Carton Size35*20*15cm
Product Feature of DSQ2010C aroma diffuser
*Powerful pump and intelligent program
*Easy installation and saving energy
*Durable PET shell,light weigh
*Wall-mounted device with lock and key
Fragrance oil installation and replacement
If using this aroma diffuser for the first time, please install the oil bottle first then connect the power and do the related settings.
Installation: Align snail mouth, then tighten the oil bottle clockwise and fix it.
Replacement: Cut off the power, make the empty oil bottle off from the snail mouth by anticlockwise. Then open the sealed new oil bottle, tighten the oil bottle by clockwise. Then turn on the power.Commercial Aroma Diffuser suppliers