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Fine Powder Dryer price
15.06.2018, 04:09,
Fine Powder Dryer price
Fine powder attributes dryer introduction
Fine powder attributes dryer is a new high efficient fluidized drying equipment that we designed for solve the static drying’s low efficiency and high consumption problem. When designing the equipment, we combined the features of air stream drying and fluidized drying together. So the machine has reasonable structure and good performance, it really achieves the aim of low consumption and high efficiency of fluidizing drying.
Work principle of Fine powder attributes dryer
Fine powder attributes dryer applications
Fine powder attributes dryer has a wide application scope, it can be used for drying in fire retardant, molecular sieve, rubber and plastic assistance, pesticide, pigment, dyestuff, fine chemicals, feedstuff, pharmaceutical and part intermediate industries.
Fine powder attributes dryer Products
Company Profile
Wuxi Changsheng dryer factory specialize in the production of dryers for 21 years.Now the technology is already very good.We have cooperation with some of the listed companies in China.We also export it to Columbia,Egypt and so on.Our customers trust us very much. Many customers purchased machines from us through the introduction of the regular customers.
Customers in the world
Our Certificates
Why choose us ?
1.We are the best facrory of dryer in jiangsu province ,china .
2.Quality Control through the whole Manufacturing process.
3.General Inspection on fixing before Packing.
4.Our hardware all passed ISO 9001.
6.Many other Designs for you to choose and we can Accept minimum order. Your interests can be fully Guaranteed.
7.After you make order, we will Follow up the whole process and Update it to you. Collecting goods, Loading containers and Tracking goods transport information for you.
8.Any of our products you are interested, or any customized orders you wish to place, any items you want to buy, Please let us know your requirements. Our team will do our best to Help you .Fine Powder Dryer price