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Bread Crumb Production Line factory
11.06.2018, 04:16,
Bread Crumb Production Line factory
White and yellow panko breadcrumbs processing line
       White and yellow panko breadcrumbs processing line
Bread Crumb is mainly used for Fried Beefsteak and chicken as frying dressing. This line is specially designed and develpoed to operate from the material to final shaping automatically with less manpower, without waste, lower production cost, and higher production efficiency. This process line is firstly designed and manufactured by our company.
Extruder information
1.We have three type for breadcrumbs making machine,which are TN65,TN70,TN85,the capacity is 100-150kg/h,200-260kg/h,300-500kg/h,customers could choose different output according to their own needs.
2.The materia of screw is
Advanced nitriding steel, with high nitriding performance and mechanical properties, good heat resistance and corrosion resistance, after nitriding treatment, can get high surface hardness, high fatigue strength and good resistance to overheating, No temper brittleness, cutting processability, high temperature working temperature up to 500°C.
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