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discount Pigment
11.06.2018, 04:13,
discount Pigment
The product description
It is generally divided into three categories according to the coloring ability of carbon black: High pigment black; Medium black; Low pigment black.
Product index
a) Background <0.08
b) Solid area Density >1.40
c) Resolution index ( inches ) >0.0176
d) Waste powder ess than 6%
e) Temperature : (-20°C/-4°F to 40°C/104°F)
Product features.
1. Tinting strength is strong
2. Good heat resistance,There is no obvious change in tone, tinting force and performance.
3. Dispersion,The dispersion ability of plastic coloring process is strong.
4. Good mobility,Move from plastic to plastic and solvent.
5. Light resistance and weather resistance.Light fastness is refers to the stain under the sunlight, in a certain time to keep the ability of colour and lustre, weather resistance is the ability to stain resistant to all kinds of weather conditions, including visible and ultraviolet light, moisture, temperature, atmospheric oxidation
6. The strong of chemical stability.
The product application
After mixing with plastic paint, it is made into plastic products of various colors by heating injection molding.It is widely used in plastic coloring technology.They are usually blue, orange, green, black, yellow, red, purple and pearlescent.
discount Pigment