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Non-pollution Electric Aluminum Melting Furnace
07.05.2018, 08:06,
Non-pollution Electric Aluminum Melting Furnace
Our History
GreenVinci Biomass Energy Co., LTD. is a subsidiary of the global Davinci Group Co., Limited.
2006 DaVinci was founded in Hong Kong, biomass energy, and began to involve living biomass waste recycling project.
2007, set up research centers in Malaysia, involved in a biological system oil (palm oil refining biodiesel) practices and success, as public transport oil products
2008-2010 business expansion to the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, extended to the field of biomass research and development and production of the burner.
The end of 2010 set up offices in Guangzhou and Hong Kong companies reorganized as GreenVinci (China) Biomass Energy Co., Ltd in Guangzhou.
In 2011, formally launched operations in mainland China, established the wood pellet fuel plant in Northern Guangdong and Fujian; introduced foreign biomass combustion equipment to China.
In 2015, Set up Enplan Green Solution Pvt Ltd in India.
Our Factory
Foshan GreenVinci Biomass Machinery Co.,Ltd, founded in 2012, is a manufacturer under DaVinci specialized R&D and production of energy-saving equipment and biomass solid briquettes fuels. The company has built production and processing bases for biomass pellet and wood chips in Foshan and JiangMen, GuangDong Province, set up raw material storage bases in Huangpu Port, GuangZhou and NingBo Port, ZheJiang, Etc., Imported biomass solid briquettes fuel and Palm kernel shells from Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia and Provided more clean energy and energy-saving solutions for enterprises.
Our Product
GreenVinci Biomass the main products are: Biomass burning machine, fireplace biomass, biomass stove, biomass water heaters, biomass steam boiler, biomass briquette particles (briquette) fuels etc.; engaged in business projects: Biomass combustion technology services, biomass energy transformation, energy program planning, contract energy management.
Product Application
Industrial Gas AND Oil boiler transformation, Fruit Vegetable Drying, The electroplating, electrophoresis, water washing. Metal melting, can be aribitrary collocation for biomass hot water boiler, heat exchanger, the steam generator, providing 100% hot air, hot water heat. etc.
Our Certificate
Production Market
South East Asia, Europe, South American Middle East.Non-pollution Electric Aluminum Melting Furnace