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Customized Metallurgical machine steel castings
20.03.2018, 06:27,
Customized Metallurgical machine steel castings
Slag pot / slag ladle is an important equipment in the production of steelmaking. It is a container for containing high temperature slag in the process of iron and steel smelting. It has a bowl-shaped container with lifting lugs on both sides.

Slag pot can be manufactured according to well-proven concepts provided by the commissioner or customized to the specific requirements of the operating environment.Slag pot are wearing products with mechanical and alternate thermal stresses,the extent of them depends on the service conditions. Accurate design is to minimize damage to the operating environment during life: however, taking into account both physical and economic aspects, it is always compromised, resulting in a variety of shapes tailored for field operations.The lead time of slag ladle casting is short, long service life ,high anti-deformation ability.
Slag ladle is designed for collection of molten slag discharged from furnaces.Slag pots are crucial items as they are part of lifting equipment.
In the metallurgical and melting fields, slag pot is a vessel used to transport high temperature metal or pour out molten metals.Usually it has three different types, casting pot, transferpot,treatment pot. Slag pots are normally rated by their working capacities rather than by their physical sizes.
1. Strong resistance to deformation; strong resistance to thermal cracks.
2. We have the capability to cast pots in nearly every shape.Customized Metallurgical machine steel castings