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Metal Separator
07.02.2018, 08:23,
Metal Separator
Automatic feeding metal separator combination(can be equipped with a variety of vibration feeding machine and vacuum suction machine)is used to detect and separate all the metals in plastic material, including iron and non-ferrous metals (such as copper, aluminum, stainless steel) and so on.In the process of recycling the old material, there will be some metal impurities mixed in it and enter production. As a result, it will cause accident and increase downtime so that increase costs and affect production efficiency. This equipment can save the labor cost of manual feeding, and is suitable for the customers with large material requirement. It has the advantages of durable, large suction force, long service life, etc. And it can realize automatic feeding.
Application:Separating all raw materials mixed in raw materials or recycled materials, including iron and non-ferrous metals such as copper, aluminum, stainless steel and so on
Product features
1. Using automatic feeding metal separator combination can save labor cost of manual feeding, it can be equipped with different types of suction machine, according to the requirements of the customer's material quantity and the parameters of the metal separator, it can achieve automatic feeding .   
2. This combination machine has the advantages of portability, durability, strong suction force, convenient installation and easy operation;
3. The rapid elimination of system can reduce the loss of material, and will not interfere with the normal production process.
4. A variety of apertures can be chosen, which can meet all practical applications.(Product specification,requests of sensitivity,working flow)
5. Detected material characteristics:Bulk material, dry, good flowability, powder particle
Product structure:
Specification parameters:
(Фmm)Sensitivityair compressionMax.throughput(L/hMaterial temperatureDefectives eliminated time
AT2005F-25250.2mm0.4mm3~5Bar300< 80℃0.3~5s
AT2005F-35350.3mm0.5mm3~5Bar400 < 80℃0.3~5s
AT2005F-50500.5mm1.0mm3~5Bar2000< 80℃0.3~5s
AT2005F-70700.7mm1.2mm3~5Bar5000< 80℃0.3~5s
AT2005F-1001001.0mm1.5mm3~5Bar12000< 80℃0.3~5s
AT2005F-1201201.2mm2.0mm3~5Bar16000< 80℃0.3~5s
AT2005F-1501501.5mm2.5mm3~5Bar25000< 80℃0.3~5s
AT2005F-2002002.0mm3.0mm3~5Bar44000< 80℃0.3~5s
AT2005F-2502502.5mm3.5mm3~5Bar69000< 80℃0.3~5s
1. The sensitivity in the table is the test block falling freely through the detection of the pipeline,the actual detection sensitivity may be different according the characteristics of the product or the working environment,it should be based on the actual detection sensitivity;
2. The above list is only part of the common technical parameters,for more technical parameters, please contact our customer service staff.
3. The company's products will continue to upgrade,if the above technical parameters are changed without notice, please refer to the latest parameters.Metal Separator
11.03.2018, 15:26,
RE: Metal Separator
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