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  Customized Rotor sand mill
Автор: hdjksjk7 - 19.06.2018, 08:14 - Ремонт и обслуживание - Нет ответов

TED founded in 2007, is a professional company dedicated to the development, production and sales of Shot Blasting Machine,headquartered in Qingdao, China,in Beijing, Shenyang has R & D institutions,in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Hebei, northeast with branch offices,a total of 380 employees, with annual sales of 120 million yuan,The company passed the ISO9001 quality certification,in the "science and technology are the first productive forces," the guiding ideology, the introduction of the world's top foundry equipment company's advanced design concepts and manufacturing technology, the integration of its advantages to my company's product development and manufacturing reached the international advanced level,After years of experience in the design and manufacturing experience accumulated not only popular throughout the country, but also exported to the United States, Russia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, more than 10 countries and regions,has become China's largest foundry machinery industry, the highest quality, production and sales of the largest casting machinery production and export base.
  The company's technology and technical staff of the casting machinery (Qingdao) Institute, has now become "Qingdao City-level enterprise technology center",in the process of research and development to take the lead in the use of dynamic simulation software and three-dimensional simulation software design, effectively ensuring the design accuracy, improve the quality of the assembly.Customized Rotor sand mill


  durable head light
Автор: hdjksjk7 - 19.06.2018, 08:10 - Ремонт и обслуживание - Нет ответов

MAGICSHINE, a brand name synonymous with brightness and reliability, is the market leader in high-performance bike lights. MAGICSHINE lights are commonly spotted by the night riders all over the world. Through user reviews and research & development, our products have been in the forefront of sporting LED light evolution.
To maintain momentum, our professional engineer and design teams are always keen to offer increased performance in significant MAGICSHINE products.We believe in innovation, product reliability and free spirit. The brand MAGICSHINE brand gains global recognition for exceptional.When choosing a MAGICSHINE product you are getting a best valuable lighting solution for your outdoor & underwater sports. Choose MAGICSHINE, enjoy unlimited night riding.
MAGICSHINE USA, based in Los Angeles, California brings you products that are reasonably priced compared to competive products and deliver superior performance quality on many, many night rides. For most of us, sport and life have one common denominator. That would be not how fast you complete it, but how much you enjoy it.
We stand behind what we sell 100% and guarantee your satisfaction. Our lights are the tools you can utilize to help you bike, run, hike, and work thru your daily life and be there when you want to get away to those rigorous trailblazing adventures. We want to understand the vast variety of options for your sport lighting needs, as well as your pocket book. From beginner to professional, we offer the very best product and the peace of mind that comes from knowing your light is built to the highest standards to guarantee your safety.
Our goal is to provide the very best quality merchandise at extremely competitive prices. We look forward to the ride. Let the adventure begin. durable head light


  Load Sensing Valve manufacturers
Автор: hdjksjk7 - 19.06.2018, 06:20 - Ремонт и обслуживание - Нет ответов

REF NO.4757155000.It’s a Load Sensing Valve.Specification:3*M22,2*M12,1*M16male.APPLICATIAON:TRALIERS
REF NO.4757001220.It’s a Load Sensing Valve.Specification:2*M22,M12.APPLICATIAONBig GrinAF,SCANIA
REF NO.4757004030.It’s a Load Sensing Valve.Specification:2*M22,2*M12.APPLICATIAONBig GrinAF,SCANIA,VOLVOLoad Sensing Valve manufacturers


  China FM 200 Fire Suppression System factory
Автор: hdjksjk7 - 19.06.2018, 06:06 - Ремонт и обслуживание - Нет ответов

Guangzhou Ding Ya Brand Manufacturer HFC-227ea Heptafluoropropane Gas Fire Extinguishers that use the modern most advanced technology,very health and clean without pollution to environment and room,it is very health to people'body,it work very fast and effectively,safe,reliable and good design and outstanding performance.It is your Perfect choise for fire extinguishers in the 21th century.
It is automatically working when there is a fire,discharge it and stop fire within 8 seconds.It is best suitable for your Computer room,electric control room,precision instrument room,laboratory,Factory,transformer room,warehouse,generate plant,archives,library,museum,hospital,subway and others.
Welcome to contact us anytime,we will supply excellent quality and best price to you in time.
Thank you very much for your best cooperation and support.Skype: garyyu77 Wechat/Whatsapp:0086-13060602853
At last,we honesty invite you to work with us together to create bright and beautiful future.If you have questions or requirements,please donnot hesitate to let us know,we will supply best service to you both products and service in the first time.
Thank you very much for your best coopeartion and support!China FM 200 Fire Suppression System factory


  Galvanised Steel Slitted Coil suppliers
Автор: hdjksjk7 - 19.06.2018, 05:57 - Ремонт и обслуживание - Нет ответов

Our History
HUADA is a large private enterprise group,with collection of steel industry,real estate,investment.
Group has set up Zhejiang HUADA New Materials CO.,LTD,Hangzhou PUYIN Metal Material CO.,LTD,Zhejiang longxiang real estate CO.,LTD,ZHEFENG small loan CO.,LTD.
The company now has total assets of $ 2 billion ,more than 1500 employees and technicians.
Company for 19 years was named”bank credit AAA grade”company ,is the top 500 private enterprises and high-tech enterprises in Zhejiang Province,famous corporation name enterprise.
In 2015,the group achieve output of 3.0 billion yuan,coontribution tax is $ 180 million
Our Factory
Zhejiang HUADA New Materials CO.,LTD,established in 1998,wholl-owned subsidiaries of ZHEJIANG HUADA GROUP,located in Dayuan industrial park of Fuyuan city,near the 320 national highway and the new Hangzhou Express,the traffic is convenient.
The company covers an area of 55 acres ,have 350 employees,the registered capital of 120 million Yuan,total investment 0f $ 550 million Yuan ,mainly engaged in hot-dip galvanized steel coils and color coated steel coils.
Company has a large continuous hot-dip galvanizing line equipment,using today's most advanced technology and digital production equipment.
In an efficient,high quality,pollution-free,low consumption for the principle of continuous hot-dip galvanized steel strip (Board) production,may produce the CQ,DQ class galvanized steel strip.
Four line of hot-dip galvanized steel ,annual production capacity of 1,1050,000 tons,three line of coated steel,with an annual output of 500,000 tons.
Our Product
Acid-Pickled Steel
Cold rolled plate
Hot dip galvanizing
Hot dip Galvalume Steel(GL)
Color coated steel plate
Product Application
1.Exterior building applications:roof,roof structure,balcony panel,water value,window frame,door,garage door,rolling door,kiosk,shutter,guard room,makeshift house ,freezer car.
2.Interior building applications:door,dividing wall,door frame,house light steel structure,sliding door,ceiling,bathroom decoration,elevator interior,elevator lobby,etc.
3.Electric appliance:Refrigerator,freezer,washing machine,electric oven,vending machine,air condition,duplicator,switch cabinet,instrument ark,eletric fan,vacuum cleaner,etc.
4.Transportation:car ceiling,backplane,coaming,car interior decorating plate,shell of car ,trunk board,the car,instrument pannel,shell of work station,trams,trains ceiling,partition,wall,door,ship clapboard,furniture,floor,container,etc.
5.Metal plate and furniture:ventilate and warm stove,shell of hot furnace,counter,storage rack,signboard,commode,desk,bed stand chair,locker,file cabinet,book shelf,etc.
Our Certificate
Growth strongest exporter of ten enterprises in fuyang district, hangzhou city , china in 2014, strongest international trade exporter of ten enterprises in fuyang district, hangzhou city , china in 2016.
Production Equipment
2 complete acid pickling, 5 complete rolling mill, 5 complete galvanized (gavalume ) coil equipment, 3 complete prepainted galvanized (gavalume ) coil equipment, other accessory equipment such as water and gas treatment and so on.
1.Rolling mill
2.galvanized (gavalume ) coil equipment
3.prepainted galvanized (gavalume ) coil equipment
Production Market
The amount (more than 160000 tons) of export in southeast of Asia is first biggest, Vietnam (more than 80000 tons), Philippines (more than 30000tons), India (more than 20000tons), MYANMAR (more than 6000 tons) take place 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th. The amount (more than 35000 tons)of export in Middle-east of Area is second biggest , Jordan (more than 12000 tons), Qatar (more than 7000tons), Pakistan (6000tons), Dubai (more than 5000 tons) take place 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th.
Our service
We can ensure that stable quality standards are maintained meeting both market requirement and customer expectations.Our products enjoy an excellent reputation and have been exported to Africa,the Middle-East,Southeast-Asia,South-America and Russia etc.we sincerely hope to establish good and long-term bussiness relationship with your esteemed company from all over the world.
      Galvanised Steel Slitted Coil suppliers


  China cnc printing machine
Автор: hdjksjk7 - 19.06.2018, 05:55 - Ремонт и обслуживание - Нет ответов

APM工厂 - 深圳,中国。
To service a growing demand from outside China, we founded the APM brand. All APM brand machines, use the highest quality parts from Japan, Europe and the US such a Yaskawa, Sandex, SMC, Mitsubishi, Omron and Schneider.
We are now a main supplier of high quality automatic screen printers, hot stamping machines and pad printers, as well as automatic assembly line, UV painting line and accessories with R&D, manufacturing and sales. All our machines are built according to CE standard, considered one the most stringent standard in the world.
With a highly skilled labor force of 150 employees and 10 engineers, we combined new technology, smart engineering with the best available parts.


  Mechanical Seal price
Автор: dwp123p - 15.06.2018, 04:18 - Ремонт и обслуживание - Нет ответов

Pressureless Sintered Silicon Carbide Sealing Ring
Silicon carbide ceramic seal rings have a higher friction coefficient than alumina ceramics and hard alloys. Therefore, they are used for high PV values, especially when working with strong acids and alkalis.
Production Process:
First, the ingredients are made, the slurry is proportioned, and the initially mixed slurry is granulated by a watering can.
In the second step, press molding, the prepared powder is placed in a prelubricated metal grinding tool and then is put on a press, and the pressure is maintained at 45S with a pressure of 16T and the mold is then released.
The third step, before the sintering preform, sintering: sintered in a vacuum furnace at 2100 °C -2200 °C 8h sintering, remove and place at room temperature.
Silicon carbide ceramic seals are pressureless sintered. The relative density of sintered products can reach over 96%, and the products do not undergo excessive plastic deformation before and after firing.
The fourth step: grinding drilling and milling, due to the high hardness of silicon carbide ceramics, the final cracking or cracking occurs in the grinding process, so choose artificial diamond grinding wheel.
Finally, grinding the sealing surface is completed by two steps of rough grinding and static grinding.
SPECIFICATIONMechanical Seal price


  China Hardware Cleaner
Автор: dwp123p - 15.06.2018, 04:16 - Ремонт и обслуживание - Нет ответов

American SANVO Chemical Technology Holdings is a science and technology group, a combination of science, technology and trade. Including Guangdong SANVO Chemical Technology Co., Ltd, the group wholly owned several manufacturing enterprises. (Hereinafter referred to as SANVO Group).
    SANVO Group, founded in 1994, dedicated to research, development, production and sales to aerosol, lubricants (lubricating oil, grease), coatings (wall coating, wood  paint and furniture paint) silicone, adhesives and other chemical products. It owns seven major centers, five major manufacture plant (SV, FV, XV, SK, MV).
    SANVO Group launched the brand of "SANVO" to enter the domestic market and with "SANVO" to access to the international one. (Since 1997). Sanvo Fine Chemicals enters china and international market with "SANVO" brand. We make "Technology betters life" and "Creation guides future" as our mission. Our marketing goal is to set up a global brand. A long term, mutually beneficial, trustworthy and solid relationship is our core value.
    Unified management and control by group which own 5 professional manufacture plants (SV, FV, XV, SK, MV), built modern factory strictly according to European standard, certificates for environment protection and safety are ready, Automatic production line with sophisticated gas chromatography, spectrophotometer and other testing instruments to guarantee quality of products.
    SANVO Group pays attention to team cooperation, to build a harmonious and progressive human environment, achieve individual achievement and enterprise development.
    SANVO Group has joined Adhesive and Sealant Council of the United States, The Agreement of Adhesive Industry in China, China Building Decoration Association, Aerosol Association of China, China Coating Industry Association, American Coatings Association, American Chamber of Commerce, China Lubricating Oil Association, China Automobile Industry Association, and other more than 10 international and national industry association. SANVO Group participated in the drafting of the China standard "aerosol industry standards", "Nail free glue for interior wall light decorative board"; Presided the preparation of the local standards of Guangdong province "water-based chloroprene rubber adhesive", Acquired 34 invention patents, utility models; Nearly 100 articles have been published in various academic journals. For the first time in 2008, SANVO Group was identified as high-tech enterprises, and in 2014 it again obtain the same identification.
    SANVO Group has adopt the United States NSF-ISR ISO9001 international quality management system certification, ISO4001 international environmental management system certification, architectural coatings, silicone and lubricants and other products using international standards in the first in te same industry, and through the China Environmental Labeling Ten Ring, 3C Product Certification, and authorized to register for the United Nations suppliers.
    SANVO Group actively confront the competition, breakthrough be made in theory, in management, in technology, we professional, concentrated and undivided in technology to adhesives, aerosols, lubricants, coatings and silicones to struggle to achieve competitive advantage. SANVO Group adapt to the social and market with continue upgrading itself in industry, associated with the Internet, information technology and traditional industry, enhancing internal management, improving the competitiveness, we head forward to road of "smart making" and "internet +"
    SANVO Group come to base on integrity, always insist to "Strict Quality, Salient Reputation", provided users with quality products and satisfactory service, strengthened the terminal services and training, strive to be a professional manufacturer. And has become leading brand of fine chemical industry in the two main areas of Car care product and Building and Ornament materials in China at present.
    SANVO Group with strong technical force and strong financial strength will be committed to new products, new technology research and development, continuously improve the group's strategic control capabilities, technical capabilities, production capacity, marketing capabilities, customer service capabilities, follow the scientific brand business model, solid and steady, and strive to achieve business income double within three years, achieve three products industry leader within five years.China Hardware Cleaner


  China Engraved Keychain factory
Автор: dwp123p - 15.06.2018, 04:15 - Ремонт и обслуживание - Нет ответов

Our  History  
Pujiang leyuan crystal co.,ltd.is a  manufacturer specially on producing  series of crystal chandelier parts ,crystal crafts more than 20 years.  
Our  Factory  
Pujiang leyuan crystal co.,ltd. is located in the China crystal-city-Pujiang. As a global supplier in the crystal chandelier parts, crystal crafts and other ctystal products, our company is to create added value for customers around the world.
Our  Product  
Our mainly products including crystal ball &crystal chandelier parts&crystal prism & glass led lens &crystal beads chains & glass fridge magnets & crystal trophy and crystal crafts.  
product  Application  
Our products are used in crystal chandelier,crystal souvenir,wedding gift,crystal curtain,led light and so on
Production  Equipment  
We have 50 sets of production equipment, they can finish the order of any quantities for customers on time.
Production  Market  
North America,Mid East,Western Europe,East Asia and South Asia China Engraved Keychain factory


  Chain Drive Roof Panel Roll Forming Machine manufacturers
Автор: dwp123p - 15.06.2018, 04:13 - Ремонт и обслуживание - Нет ответов

Wuxi Longbo Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2015, Which located in the beautiful and beautiful Taihu Lake in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, 110 km far away from shanghai. The environment and traffic are unique.
Company specializing in the production of European-style, Australian-style foam shutter doors equipment, garage door lines, non-pipeline, inside and outside the wall panels and various sections of the cold forming machine profile.
We have export many machines to east Europe; Russia; middle east; south America and Africa.
The company has a number of professional technical development staff, and improve the after-sales service system and excellent office and workshop work environment. "Quality of survival, reputation and development" for the purpose.
Our company has always pursued "quality first, integrity-based" mode of operation and philosophy. Provide domestic and foreign customers with "less waste, more beautiful appearance, longer production life" products.
Welcome to visit us at any time.Chain Drive Roof Panel Roll Forming Machine manufacturers